Strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay with fluoride treatment in Indianapolis!
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Fluoride is a vital mineral that is now added to our water and daily food for a good reason – it plays a crucial role in our dental health. Its widespread use is a testament to its importance in maintaining healthy teeth. 


When we consume sugary foods, our mouths produce acid that erodes our tooth enamel. Fortunately, fluoride comes to the rescue! It strengthens the enamel and prevents tooth decay.


Fluoride treatment during a dental cleaning helps keep your teeth healthy. It’s a helpful way to prevent dental issues and tooth loss.


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Where Can I Find Fluoride?

Fluoride should be a part of your daily dental routine. Opt for a fluoride toothpaste to regularly strengthen your teeth. In addition to toothpaste, fluoride is in various foods and even in your tap water. By incorporating fluoride into your routine and maintaining regular oral hygiene practices, you can prevent many oral health problems.

Is Fluoride Necessary for Children?

Fluoride exposure is crucial for children’s oral healthcare, starting as early as six months of age. It helps with tooth development, ensuring they grow strong and remain healthy. However, monitor their toothpaste usage and only use a small amount until they can reliably spit it out.

Why Visit the Dentist for Fluoride Treatment?

While it’s essential to receive fluoride daily from toothpaste, food, and water, professional fluoride application is vital for long-term oral health.

The fluoride treatment from a dentist contains a higher concentration of fluoride. Moreover, they meticulously apply it to each tooth, ensuring comprehensive coverage. It’s impossible to reach every nook and cranny of your teeth while brushing at home. At home, certain areas may not always receive the fluoride they need.

Fluoride Treatment at Cornerstone Family Dentistry in Indianapolis, Carmel, & Danville

For all your dental needs, experience exceptional care at Cornerstone Family Dentistry in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Danville. Our dedicated team prioritizes preventive dental care to keep your smile healthy and radiant for years. To keep your teeth strong, we provide trustworthy fluoride treatment in Indianapolis, IN as part of our dental cleanings and examinations! 


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