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Custom dental mouthguards in Indianapolis to keep your smile safe during sports or sleep!
Women Holding a Dental Mouth Guard

Shield your teeth against tooth grinding and sports-related injuries with a personalized dental mouthguard! Our expertly crafted mouthguards to keep you in the game while protecting your precious smile.


Rely on us for top-notch custom dental mouthguards in Indianapolis! We’re committed to helping you prevent dental injuries and maintain optimal long-term oral health. Visit Cornerstone Family Dentistry for your custom dental mouth guard today.

Do I Really Need a Mouthguard?

Anyone participating in contact sports (such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, boxing, lacrosse, wrestling, and more) can benefit from a dental mouthguard. However, individuals engaged in high-impact activities should also consider using mouthguards. This includes gymnastics, cheerleading, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX biking, and horseback riding.


But, mouthguards aren’t only useful for sports. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, a dental night guard can shield your teeth from damage. Without a mouthguard, bruxism will wear down teeth and can cause serious damage.

Why Use a Dental Mouthguard?

Even with proper precautions, accidents can occur. Sports accidents may result in severe consequences. Blows to the mouth or falls can lead to common dental emergencies, including lip bites, knocked-out teeth, and serious tongue damage.

Repairing dental sports injuries is both complex and costly. Wearing a dental mouthguard during high-impact activities significantly reduces the risk of harming your teeth and mouth.

For those wearing metal braces, a mouthguard is even more crucial. Braces intensify oral injuries because of their metal brackets and wires. Protect your teeth by using a mouthguard during sports and other high-risk endeavors.

The Advantages of a Dental Mouthguard

At Cornerstone Family Dentistry, our custom mouthguards offer numerous benefits. They are tailored to fit your teeth comfortably, ensuring a comfortable, secure fit. Our mouthguards minimize the risk of mouth and teeth injuries. Opting for a custom dental mouthguard helps you limit common dental emergencies

Preserve Your Smile with a Dental Mouthguard in Indianapolis, IN

Safeguard your teeth against sports-related injuries and teeth grinding with a custom dental mouthguard from Cornerstone Family Dentistry. We provide both dental night guards and dental sports guards in Indianapolis. Our dedicated team of dentists in Indianapolis, IN, will get you a well-fitted, comfortable mouthguard!


Schedule an appointment for a dental mouthguard in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Danville today to preserve your precious smile.


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