When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time

When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time

Keeping your child’s smile strong and healthy helps ensure a good quality of life for them. While at home dental hygiene like brushing and flossing is important, it does not replace the need for professional dental care.


 But when do you need to take your child to the dentist for the first time?


 The answer surprises most new parents. Here’s everything you need to know about early Children’s Dental visits.

When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist For the First Time

The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their kids to the dentist by the time they turn 1 year old or within 6 months of getting their first tooth, whichever is first. Many people hear this time frame and think it’s quite early. Indeed, most kids don’t have all of their teeth by this time and some may not have any teeth. However, these early dental visits are still really important for children’s long-term oral health.

Why Early Children's Dentistry Matters

Your child’s first few Dental appointments may be very quick and simple. The dentist will simply look over their teeth and evaluate their dental progression. If they have teeth then the dental team will also perform a Children’s Dental cleaning.  However, these brief appointments are still really valuable:

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No matter how old your child is, our team at Cornerstone Family Dentistry is here to help with their oral health needs. We help keep kids’ smiles clean, strong, and healthy for as long as possible. Our experienced dental team knows how to make dental care enjoyable and fun for kids.


Whether it’s your child’s first or 10th dental visit you can count on our team at Cornerstone Family Dentistry. Schedule your child’s next dental visit with our children’s dentist in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Danville today.


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