Taking Care of Your Smile as a Senior: What to Know About Aging and Teeth

Dentist With The Patient At The Dental Clinic

As we age, taking care of our smiles becomes a bigger challenge. Changes happen in our bodies, including our mouths, making us more prone to dental issues. Increased risk of gum disease and cavities also contribute to the issue of seniors losing teeth.


At Cornerstone Family Dentistry in Indianapolis, we’re here to help seniors take the best care of their teeth.


In this article, we share some helpful insights about aging and dental health.

Does Aging Impact Teeth?

As the years go by, changes happen in our bodies, and our mouths are no different. Cellular and bodily changes increase our risk for oral health concerns like gum disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, motor and physical changes may also make it harder to brush and floss at home as you once did.

Addressing Challenges in Senior Dental Care

Besides the natural changes that come with aging, seniors might have a harder time taking care of their teeth on their own.


Fine motor tasks become harder, including brushing and flossing. These physical changes, and more, can make it harder for older adults to handle their at-home dental hygiene. For those reasons, visiting the dentist becomes even more essential for seniors.

Gum Disease: A Big Reason for Tooth Loss in the Elderly

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It affects the gums, which support teeth. As periodontal disease worsens, it can lead to long-term jaw bone damage and tooth loss. The key to avoiding advanced periodontal disease, which causes tooth loss, is to identify and treat gum disease as early as possible. Our team at Cornerstone Family Dentistry helps you do just that. We monitor seniors’ oral health closely, always checking for even the slightest signs of gum disease. From there, we can provide any necessary gingivitis treatment, which can even reverse minor gum disease.

The Key is Regular Dental Visits for Seniors

The key to preventing tooth loss in the elderly is regular professional dental care. Routine dental cleanings and exams are even more important since older adults go through physical changes.


Despite the value of regular dental care for seniors, we understand that seeking out dental care is challenging. Many older adults worry about transportation to appointments and the cost of dental care.


However, our dedicated team at Cornerstone Family Dental is committed to offering quality, affordable dental care. We do all we can to help older adults enjoy healthy smiles well into their golden years.

Get Supportive Senior Dentistry in Indianapolis at Cornerstone Family Dentistry

For senior dental care in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Danville, turn to the supportive team at Cornerstone Family Dentistry.  From dental cleanings to exams and more, our goal is to give seniors the quality and patient dental care they deserve. Take a step toward a healthy, strong smile today. Contact us and schedule your appointment with our dentist for seniors!


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