How to Choose Veneers That Suit Your Smile

How to Choose Veneers That Suit Your Smile

Are you yearning for a smile that radiates confidence and charm?


Dental veneers may be just what you need. 


These ultra-thin shells, made from porcelain or composite resin, address numerous dental imperfections at once to revamp your smile.


However, choosing the right veneers requires thoughtful consideration of your unique facial features. Here’s your comprehensive guide to selecting natural-looking veneers.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your smile is your signature. Finding veneers that complement your facial contours ensures radiant results.

The Whitest Veneers Are Not Always The Best

Achieving a natural-looking smile requires attention to detail. Your veneers should suit your natural teeth and complexion. Consider your skin tone when choosing veneers. The veneers should offer enough contrast to look bright and white, but they should not be so white that it looks unnatural.

How Much Do Custom Veneers Cost in Indianapolis?

The cost of veneers may vary based on your unique set and material preferences, but we provide transparent pricing. After assessing your veneer needs and discussing the best plan for you, we provide detailed information on cost and payment options. Schedule a veneer consultation to learn more.

Transform Your Smile with Veneers Teeth in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Danville

Ready to get the smile of your dreams? Count on our cosmetic dentist at Cornerstone Family Dentistry. We have the expertise to help you get stunning, natural-looking veneers for your smile. Trust us to help you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always desired.


Schedule your veneer consultation in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Danville today.


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